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  2. IGCN: Honor , Cl0wn. Reason: Using Speed Hack. tried to bypass the AntiHack. Banned until: leftitme.
  3. BANNED: Seven , Duke , SoulMaster , Knight , Lord . Reason: USING SPEED HACK BANNED UNTIL: 02/08/2021 Regards,TheRoyal Administrator.
  4. Forum NickName : Candy Game NickName: Candy Suggestions For : Game Content : Hey, I think that the bosses Alter and the Quest Envelop should be able to be stored in the vault. it takes a lot of place in the bag
  5. According to the Terms of Use, these forum rules are registered. In order to enforce and maintain community laws as a healthy and enjoyable place for users. First we will explain to you that in this forum different users respond and through them send messages through the user they registered through to the site and that to ArchangelMu There is no system of control over the person who posts the posts in the forum. People can register to comment and post whatever comes to mind And we can not control the content that users write but we can cooperate with you and remove the inappropri
  6. Game Server Rules - Updated 28/04/2021. Following to the Terms of Use ,we write the rules of the game that through these rules. after reading this game-server rules you will know how to behave in the community as users and how to avoid unpleasant incidents during your use of the game server. These rules apply at any given time during game use Violate these laws, including termination of service between our company and you. These rules were written as rules of conduct with basic human values that you must respect in any way and at any given time and when a users violates these rul
  7. We are opening this thread so that our community users know how to avoid scams made by other users. In the above cluster we will explain to you how you can keep your players and the Items you achieve through the game in the safest way. 1. Sell Accounts We do not recommend or allow or allow the sale / purchase of users on the game server, what does not pass through the trade does not pass through a back door. We will not handle scam cases even if he proves to us 100% that there is a thief in these cases, If a known player uses, we will make sure to punish him according to the rules
  8. Dear MUDefeat Heroes! In this Forum, we want you come up with ideas to improve the game experience within the game, on our Discord server, in the forum, or something else. Each user will be able to express his opinion on subjects that he thinks can be improved, the requests will be reviewed by the management team and handled accordingly. Each request will be written in an orderly format that we will write to you here, and you will use this format only in order to raise your requests for staff care. Evry one who want to make any request, will need to open a new request topic, i
  9. Players, In this forum you can offer to us suggestions that you think will improve our server & game community. we are all the time would like to know what do you think about the server, what do you think is missing? and what do you think goes wrong. In this forum you can open topics to Suggestions Offer to Improve the game, and we would like to hear what do you think. our server based to be hard-server, so we will reject sometimes offers that we will think that will make it to much easy for the players. We are trying to keep our server for a long time, so please tell us any Idea t
  10. Help & Assistance This is an official forum where the response is made by members of the management team. In this forum you can ask questions about the game and the answer you will get is official. In this forum we will answer your questions and give you a clear answer about the questions you ask and that way you will know everything that comes to mind. Please note that the server team members are the ones who give you the answer because here other users can also answer the questions you ask. If the answer you received from another user is correct, one of the team members will q
  11. Chaos Machine Success Rates This guide is for the Chaos Machine of ArchangelMU. The Success Rates in both of our servers is the same. X9999 & X50 Hardcore. Event Item Success Rates: Devil Square 1~4: 80% Success. Devil Square 5~7: 70% Success. Blood Castle 1~8: 80% Success. Dragon of Darkness Ticket: 80% Success. Item Level Success Rates: Item Mix +10: 65% Success. Item Mix +11: 60% Success. Item Mix +12: 55% Success. Item Mix +13: 50% Success. Item Mix +14: 45% Success. Item Mix +15: 40% Success. Pets & Mounts: Dinorant : 70% Success. Dark
  12. Dear MuDefeat Community, In this guide you will learn where you can find a skills (Orb, Scroll, Parchment) There is a table of the maps are droping each skill in-game. Regards,MuDefeat!
  13. Trading at MuOnline Trade window between two players in MU Online Trading is an important part of the MuOnline game. She can start your interpersonal relationships with other players and help you improve your equipment. While playing MU Online, you may find yourself in a situation where you just need to trade Zen (a form of money used in MuOnline) or items with other players. When exchanging items, you can simply drop your item on the ground and another player can pick it up. However, for safe trading, it is recommended that you use the trading system implemented in MU. Go to the p
  14. Drop Zen Formula If you kill monster there is a chance of 25% to get zen and 35% for VIP Users But how to calculate how much zen the monster will be drop? Its quite a simple, you should calculate the zen drop by this formula: Monster Level X 589 + ItemsBonus . for example if the monster is level 10 I will get 10X589 = 5890 Zen. If you have 2 Items that will increase the zen drop by 10% the formula is : 12X589 = 7068 Zen. Each Item that has Excellent Option to zen increase will give you a bonus of +10% zen. VIP Users Zen Formula is : Monster Level X 765
  15. Battles (PvP) The player versus player (PvP) system in MuOnline allows you to feel your superiority and uniqueness. The ability to hunt other players or become a victim adds zest to the gameplay. Battles With the PK (Player-Killing) system, players can take part in battles with each other on servers that support such a system (non-PVP muonline servers are usually for new players and for those who do not want to fight each other using the PK system). Such a system will allow you to get rid of those who obsessively interfere (for example, when another player chases you and kills your
  16. Guilds Guild play is an important part of MU Online. Guilds are communities of players who help each other through the game. Some guilds are created to bring together the strongest players. Guild rules are usually determined by the guild master or set by him during guild creation. How do I create a guild? It's simple. You need to go to the NPC guildmaster located in Lorencia & Devias and create a guild. Of course, there are several requirements for creating a guild. The level of the player creating the guild must be at least 300. The guild name cannot contain spaces
  17. Party game Playing in the party (party) - a way to play MU Online, in which different players can form a group and travel the world together. Hunting together will allow you to defeat extremely powerful monsters, which are very difficult or almost impossible to defeat alone. And playing in the party, you will find that playing in a group with players of different classes helps you to develop faster. Players can create their own party from level 6, but you can join a party from any level. The party can have a maximum of 5 people. When in a party, the experience gained is d
  18. Game Controls: - Left mouse button: Move, Attack, lean, or sit down - Right mouse button: use skills / items - [Ctrl] + mouse click: Attack another player (PK) - [Ctrl] 3 Times : Enable PVP Mode - [End]: Open VIP Shop - [Shift]: Open the Market Place Window - [F1]: Help - [F2]: Activate general chat messages - [F3] : Activate private messages On / Off - [F4]: Resize the chat window - [F5]: Activate the muonline when a message arrives - [F6]: Hide the muonline muonline - [F8]: Rankings Table - [F10]: Turn on / Turn off - 3D Camera - [F11]: Reset 3D Camera - [E
  19. Cash Shop In order to get to the store, you need to press the letter X on the keyboard in any city ,or click on the "House" picture at the bottom of the command panel. The shop will only open if your character is in a safe area . You won't be able to open a store outside of a safe area. In each category, only nine items are displayed at a time. But you can flip through the pages using the buttons at the bottom of the store window. When choosing a product in a store, you will be able to see its characteristics. The price of the product is indicated below its image. The number o
  20. Reseting a character in the game (Reset) After Characters reached level 400 they can go back to Level 1 and than you can keep get more points in your stats by using command /reset or with doing "Reset" in the Account Panel at the site:https://MuDefeat.com Reset Information: 1. To make reset required character level 400. 2. Have the required number of Zen in your inventory. 3. after you will be doing a reset you will be get start to your main city. (Lorencia, Noria, Elbland) 4. Stats is not reset, you can keep all the way again until you reach [100,000] Max Stats. 5. You do
  21. Dear MuDefeat Community, This is the Official Teleport Maps Guide. To Teleport into Maps press "M" to open the Maps warp list. Lorencia Level Required:10 Zen Cost:5,000 Noria Level Required:10 Zen Cost:5,000 Ebeland Sty Level Required:10 Zen Cost:5,000 Ancient Greece Level Required:30 Zen Cost:10,000 Frozen Devias Level Required:20 Zen Cost:20,000 Devias Battle Level Required:30 Zen Cost:25,000 Devias Curch Level Required:30 Zen Cost:20,000
  22. Dear MuDefeat - Hardcore Server community: In this guide we will post officialy the drop chance you will get Jewels & Boxes from all the mobs you are killing. This Drop list is based on the maps and from map to map the drop is change and getting increase. Which means in the strongerst map you will have much more drop . So you need to be powerfull from this moment! DROP LIST (Basic Jewels) Reset Maps (Basic Jewels) DROP LIST Box Of Kundun (+1~+5) Reset Maps Box of Kundun (+4~+8) DROP LIST Special Jewels Special Jewels - Reset Maps
  23. Happy Hour Event! This is a unique event designed to increase the Experience & Drop rate on all maps of the continent of Mu Online. How it goes: Everyday, at all locations, experience gain rate & Drop rate will increase for exactly 60 minutes! Beginning and end of the event: The inscription in the center of the screen "[Happy Hour] event Started " will inform you about the beginning of the event. The inscription in the center of the screen "[Happy Hour] Event Ended " will inform you about the end of the event. Event Time: 🎊 [Happy Hour]: Every Sunday , Tuesday,
  24. Devil's square What is Devil's Square: Devil's Square is a quest to test the strength and stamina of a MU Online player. The winners will be rewarded with experience and a huge amount of Zen. How to get to Devil's Square: A pass to Devil's Square is the Devil's Square Invitation. It is created in the Chaos Machine . To create it, you need a Devil's Key and a Devil's Eye (they must all be of the same level) and one Jewel of Chaos (not needed to create a Devil's Square Invitation +1). These all combine with varying chances of luck and require a certain amount of Zen. X1 Devil Key +
  25. Chaos castle Chaos Castle is a survival quest. Unlike other MU Online quests, in this one you need to hold out as long as possible and kill all participants (monsters and players). How to get to Chaos Castle To get to Chaos Castle you need the Armor of Guardsman . Armor of Guardsman can be purcashed from Lumen the barmmaid You can find out the time until the next entrance by right-clicking on the Armor of Guardsman, like on the Invisibility Cloak for Blood Castle . To enter, press "Ok" in the window that appears, when the entry is allowed by the timer. Assassins cannot e
  26. Dear Heroes! Today we wil learn about the Ghost Horse Event. In this guide you will find a full information include how to create a Ghost Horse! Be ready, because Its going to be BEAST! First, In ArchangelMu there is an event of Ghost Horse that will be spawned in diffirent maps. From this event you will be able to recieve a Ghost Horse Fragments and create a Ghost Horse mount! Now we will learn how can we make this horse? Well , ecspecially there is 4 horses in 4 colors and to create this horse you need a Ghost Horse Fragments. This Fragments can be dropped by defeating
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