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  1. How To participate in the Championship You have to buy [PVP]Championship invasion Cost Price: 100,000,000 Zen ๐Ÿ’ฐ In Lumen The Barmaid Shop at Lorencia! And go to talk with the [PVP]Championship NPC in standing behind to the Bar at Lorencia. To entry and to participate the [PVP]Championship you have to be atleast 15 Resets! And of course anyone who wants to watch the battles is invited at any time! Every week on Sundays and Tuesdays at 15:30 Server Time You can talk with the NPC in Battle Arena to Watch the battles โš”๏ธ : โš”๏ธ Good Luck Everyone , Cya in the BattleField! โš”๏ธ Rega
  2. Dear MUDefeat Community! This is the Official Match History of the winners in the [PVP]Championship in MUDEFEAT! Every week on Sundays and Tuesdays at 15:30 Server Time In our server will be started a tournament of PVP Championship And we would like to notice the winners name here! โš”๏ธThere is the Winners of MUDefeat:โš”๏ธ 22/11/2020 - The Winner is: Outlaw โš”๏ธ 24/11/2020 - The Winner is: (Battle didn't started yet.) Cya in the Battlefield! Regards,MUDefeat.
  3. New Tournament PVP Championship! Heroes, we would like to test who is the best strongest player in MUDefeat! Every week on Sundays and Tuesdays at 15:30 Server Time Will be a tournament on our servers of PVP ChampionShip โš”๏ธ In This event there will be Battles against the players registered to this event in 1VS1 and there is no-limit for the count of the players can be joined into this event! The Battle will be until 3 Kill Score and the winner of the battle will skip to the next round until 2 players will fight in the Final Battle! We have builded for this special event special ba
  4. 60 Arena Points added to your Account! Thanks for your Support in our Community ! โค๏ธ
  5. MUDefeat community greatly appreciates the players who donate to it from their free time and give of themselves a lot for the community,we want to commend and praise this three players and give them a unique rank as a respect for their activity in our platforms. We would like to present you the first MUDefeat - Premium users who helping the server and makin it better place for everyone! We are very excited to notice that players in Public and we hope you will keep doing your best for MUDefeat! Give a lot of honor to this three users - And give them the respect they deserve! ๐Ÿ† MUDefe
  6. 130 Arena Points Added to your Account! Thanks for you Support in our Community ! โค๏ธ
  7. Dear MUDefeat Community, We have been created and post new video of MUDefeat Gameplay! We would like to ask for your help to advertise it in the social media! We will give 10 Arena Points per each share you will be done in facebook Groups! Search for MUOnline Groups there is more than (100+) & Gaming Groups . Please help MUDefeat to keep growing up! https://fb.watch/1RSUHTRSHE/
  8. Iv been donated all of you 15 Arena Points!
  9. Dear MUDefeat Community, There is a rules of the music forum of MUDefeat! We would like to keep this place lovely, music make pepoles happy and always helping in sad days! There is a rules are writen to keep this place nice&lovely, please respect them. 1. You are allowed to post only songs\music from youtube. Do not share links to download songs \ upload here any type of music. We would like to keep the Copyrights for the musician. 2. You are Allowed to Create 5 Topics per day which means you can earn 15 Arena Points For sharing with us you music! 3. If you made a musi
  10. Only the new posts you will be done since now will give you rewards ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Dear MUDefeat Community, After the last update that include the NEW Arena Points system We have been changed the rules of this forum. From now you will recieve 10 Arena Points for creating topic in this forum You are allowed to open only 1 topic that's include Buy&Sell every month, and do not create multiplay \ sperate topics. If you would like to edit \ add more items into your Buying & Sell Topic you can do it by editing your excisting topic content. If you already created topic before this update and you would like us to delete it so you can create new one for recieve
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