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  1. Approved! πŸ‘ Thank you so much @Sabo This would help the newbie's and beginner a lot for their journey's.
  2. It's really overpower (IMBALANCE) πŸ˜– 😹
  3. Yes you guys right, but the problem is that RF mostly strong only on Monsters/Bosses, but when it comes on PVP it easily broken like a piece of glasses, (No Joke). But still must put attention on this since RF really imbalanced at the moment, cause for normal classes 4 reset would be a piece of cake for Medusa probably 1 hit if other class. But I think the overpowered here was the RF Defense buff that needed to be reconfigured or rebalance.
  4. Hi guys, I know this might bit old thread but I still would love to answer since most of the players responded I know them in game most of them treat as a friend. I am from Philippines I don't know if I am the only one since I saw some user at discord after Admin granting my request to add Philippines Channel, so I might not be the only 1 player from Philippines. What I notice this past few days the Vietnam Community getting bigger, it might because of the Viet YT Streamer.
  5. YurimiuaN


    Ragnarok, Since those 2 game I played the same time way back 2003-2004,While playing MuOnline (Webzen) I played Ragnarok (Gravity) also.(Freaking Multitask)
  6. Cool congrats for a great achievement Admin @TheRoyal, we are still long way to go before reaching that post count. But we always here, soon our post will be more than that πŸ˜€ Note: But we are not spamming because of the APoints. We always wanted to be meaningful and post only useful thread or response which related to the topics. πŸ˜‰
  7. Hmm looks familiar πŸ™‰ I know who's taking care that Staff now, Right @JayzPkz? 😡
  8. For sure bro @Avicon our Admin @TheRoyal answer for this would be,(Because BK are melee character which he have to go near the bosses to attack.Which nearest the boss higher the chances to get stun and twisting slash(or doing combo) skill cannot cancel or interrupt Bosses skills, cause you might answer how about RF he is melee but less getting Stun?, Because RF skill usually can interrupt Bosses Skill specially when the RF build high on AGI. That is why other character get less Stun than BK, because most of them are Long Range less prone on Bosses Skill.
  9. At first I didn't get what @Avicon mean here, but after analyzing it seems he asking a server action logs, this is not that easy to code but who knows maybe Admin might consider this. Anyway good suggestion bro. Keep it up πŸ‘
  10. Thanks for the response Admin, Always respecting your decision and we know that you know what goods for the server since you making lot of improvements that makes the server more challenging and excitement to play, Worth investing our time here in MUD Community.
  11. Yes this would be helpful suggestion, at least make it like Gemstones chest but diff color, Or Jewelry Box diff color that only would take 1 slot from inventory.
  12. Thanks for this very informative preview, now player's will not wonder what looks of their wings after upgrading tiers, or what it will become. Keep it up. πŸ‘
  13. Thanks for the clarification brother @Lobo luckily finished this with your helped, but very unlucky cause the Box+6 from the chest drop nothing, totally no item after dropping it. But it's a part of a game weather lucky or not, that time I was not lucky 😁
  14. We all started as newbie (so called weak). But you just have to explore each maps and base your level on the best or fit maps for you. Or it is best always ask for trainer that just recently got resets, most players are friendly so they will be glad and happy to help newbie's. Thanks πŸ˜–
  15. Your the real KingKong bro Lob πŸ˜–
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