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  1. if its not working right click launcher and main and try running it under other windows compatibility
  2. you need to turn DAP right click my computer ->advanced system setting -> Then you clikc setting under the title Performance , go to the last tab named Data execution prevention. mark the 2nd line and add main and launcher into the tab , click done and you set /
  3. 4 resets on medusa ..... this is so uneven , 20 rr rage with all in agi destroy's bosses , RUINS THEM in 3 minutes the hardest one in the srever how are we expected to put up a fight ?
  4. it will disappear after a while if not killed , and appear again with the message elder dragon was spawned and there will be a text saying akris quest if im correct
  5. theres spots in all of them you ust have to look .
  6. Lobo


    1/4 inventory 😆
  7. ive been looking for a while for this item , can some one hel;p?
  8. maybe reducing its size alittle bit ? i personally like to stack boxes and drop them together the 9 squares makes it so big
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