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  1. my quest still bugged, it show now that i complete the 5 quests but i still have the 5 letters and i didn't get the reward for doing it.
  2. because we can only post one msg there, maybe can make it able to keep Editing the post.
  3. in case you still need i have the Gloves.
  4. i only saw that in Exc, never as normal item
  5. Nothing else to say other then thank you:)
  6. Aviram Cohen 6 groups(for now) will update below if more -----------
  7. in the past week i watched other players with different classes fighting against bosses to see whats the different from BK to their class, time it takes to kill and how many times they get stunned, those i watched was 20rr. i saw ALL(DL,SU,RF,DW,HE) get stun on solo: Pegasus, infernal, Akrania dragon- 5 to 15 times, kill it the most took 8 min. Bosses lower then those - 1 to 10 times. BK get stun: not only me watched other BKs as well Pegasus,infernal,Akrania dragon- 50 to 70 times, can take to kill 15 to 26 min. Bosses lower then those - 5 to 20 times. its not only take BK
  8. i tried guitar too for some time.
  9. was 14 years ago i don't even remember lol, most likely same nick
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