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Akris Hunting Season(Part 3)!

Akris Dragons Hunting Season (Part 3)
So after Jernit has given you the Akris soul stone for stardust, you can show the King's Adviser
that you are strong enough to face the immense power of the dragons.
When you talk to the king's adviser he will take you to where the Akris come to MUWorld,
They come from void using a special launcher built by the man in the shadows.
And now, you must defeat this special launcher and stop the Akris from reaching the world ..
but before you reach the magic door You must defeat the Legendary Elder Dragon that guards
the launcher and the Dragon came from the void as well.
After you will defeat that dragon the Crew of The King will be able to destory this Altars!
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Arcadia !רשת הגיימינג המובילה

בסניפי ארקדיה תוכלו למצוא מגוון ענק של משחקים, אביזרים, קונוסולות משחק
ועוד המון מוצרים שכל גיימר ותיק או מתחיל ישמח לקבל.
!!מגוון ענק של משחקים חדשים ומשחקי יד שנייה
!ספריות החלפה למשחקי Ps4/Xbox one/Switch/Ps3
!מבחר גדול של פסלים ומוצרי אספנות נדירים !קונסולות בייבוא רשמי עם אחריות רשמית
מאות אביזרי גיימינג לכלל הקונסולות והמחשב. !!וכמובן שירות אישי ומקצועי בכל מה שקשור לגיימינג, משלוחים לכל חלקי הארץ

!!ותזכו לקבל 5% הנחה על כל המוצרים באתר MUDEFEAT :תכניסו את הקוד

NEW EVENT Princess Of Atlans

"After the war, the love necklace was taken from the Princess of Atlantis by one of the soldiers of the Kundun, the necklace was meant to spread the love among the residents and when it was taken out they dismantled it into pieces. The princess now has to collect the pearls again to make a new necklace and you have to help her because there are sharks around every pearl and she can't do it alone she's unbale to get close there."
Heroes, your quest is to help the Princess of Atlans to Create the Pendant of Love!
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Event| Akris Dragons Hunting Season (Part 2)

"Heroes After you have defeated a large number of dragons sent from the void, you will now meet Jerint. Jerint is the general's personal assistant and is known as the one responsible for the magic powers and the most powerful spells ever seen in the kingdom, For example Nova is one of the spells he invented, Now Jerint needs your help and asks you to bring him stardust for a few years he was looking for it and he had no way to get into space to get the stardust Now that these Akris dragons have been resurrected from the void so now you can help to him!" "We have no idea why Jerint needs stardust he did not say anything to the general about it but we'll help him - the next will be continue"
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JAILBREAK ARENA Coming soon to MUDefeat!

Preview to next MUDefeat Update : JailBreak Arena!
We would like to show you this preview for the next update of MUDefeat.
In the next update we will add new event that's called : JailBreak Arena.
Jailbreak Arena Event:
When this event starts at all the spots,will be spawned a monster is stronger x500 times more powerful than it usually is
After you will defeat this monster a Boss of the same area will be spawned.
Heroes, We would like to challenge you in this Arena the Bosses will has more X5 HP X3 Damage and X3.5 Defense than usually they are!
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MUDefeat | Full Guide of the Bosses in-game.

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In this guide we will explain and learn about all the bosses included in MUDefeat.
You will get know for their spawn location, hp , damage and all of the information you need!

MUDefeat | Full Guide of all the Bosses in-game!
Hello Heroes, Welcome to the detailed Bosses guide in MuDefeat!
Today we will learn about all the bosses the game contains.
The bosses are very strong and are waiting for you to defeat them!
Whenever you are kill our bosses, you will recieve from them a Awesome Rewards!

Event Timer - Boss Spawn
First, while you are in the game-server, you can press “H” to see bosses spawn time.
When you press the "H" button in the game the next window will appear for you,
Here basically you can see the times of all the bosses in the game.
this window called "Event-Timer" and when you will skip some pages you will be able to see the bosses times.

MUDefeat World lore:
Before the war started, the Kundun was angry at the order in which the world was run, he could not believe in God's way.
the Kundun hated everything and within it he spread to dark places, after the kundun sucked the forces of the world.
our heroes went out to fight him with the name of god, where their forces collided with each other against the kundun,
As their forces collided with each other the power was insane there was a huge explosion and from there the chaos actually started/
And from there the chaos actually began. When the chaos began monsters were resurrected, entire cities were and wiped out everything!
Some of the cities were destroyed and the citzens had no hope left anymore ..
With the forces of the Kundun, We thought we would be able to cope.
But when the chaos began we realized we had to be stronger than ever!
These bosses came to life right after the chaos began
Right afther the Kundun cast a spell on the world, the chaos was divided into two dragons who rule the world.
 their pool of power is almost infinite and we have already lost all hope we had.
 one dragon was sent to hell and the other dragon was sent to the other end of the world in the Frozen Lake.
The same dragons make us doubt that it will still be possible to defeat them,
but if we can do all the long way together, we may be able to bring back the Glory to the MUWorld!

MUDefeat Presents : The Big War Against the Kundun!

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Before we get started!
In this guide we will explain to you about all The bosses in the game,
When are they casual spawn in the game? Where they appear?
And what amount of life, power and defense they have.

 The list of bosses in the game starts from the weakest boss to the stronger boss,
so let's get started with the weaker bosses and from there we will continue to the strongest bosses!
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Huge Budge Dragon
"This dragon is really huge, he's trying to destroy the rest of the particles that are still left from the city of Lorencia"
Boss Infromation:
Location Map: Lorencia
Spawn Time: Every 1 hour.
Spawn Places: (92,242) / (116,47) / (73,53)
Max Life: 100,000.
Defense: 610.
Damage: 735 - 790.

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Cursed Goblin
"We have already encountered many goblins during our lives but this goblin is cursed .. Help us defeat him so that he does not catch more goblins with this curse"
Cursed Goblin.png
Boss Infromation:
Location Map: Noria
Spawn Time: Every 1 hour.
Spawn Places: (92,242) / (116,47) / (73,53)
Max Life: 100,000.
Defense: 610.
Damage: 735 ~ 790.

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Super Galaxy Malphite
"A lot of stones have been resurrected, their power is immense and we are able to deal with them, but Malphite is actually Metor who came from the void."
Boss Infromation:
Location Map: Elbland
Spawn Time: Every 1 hour.
Spawn Places: (92,242) / (116,47) / (73,53)
Max Life: 100,000.
Defense: 610.
Damage: 735 ~ 790.

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Death Skeleton King
"When the chaos is released to the world, that the skeletons have been resurrected from them rises the king of skeletons who begins fear and nightmares on the citzens. The skeletons are hidden in Dungeon"
Boss Infromation:
Location Map: Dungeon
Spawn Time: Every 1 hour.
Spawn Places: (92,242) / (116,47) / (73,53)
Max Life: 280,000.
Defense: 960.
Damage: 2,200 ~ 2,650.

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Ice Golem Devias
"In a world where chaos is free, the glaciers in Devias have melted and out of them an ice giant has emerged
 which makes the citzens of Devias afraid to leave the city."

Devias IceGoelm.png
Boss Information:
Location Map: Devias
 Spawn Time: Every 2 hours
Spawn Places: (82,130) / (27,203) / (113,235)
Max Life: 860,000
Defense: 1600
Damage: 2,956 ~ 3,212

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

King Of Atlans
"The chaos also caused the fish to become monsters and some of them became mutations, in the depths of the Atlans abyss a king awoke him.
Our fear is that he will rise to the ground and begin to use his cruel force against the citizens"

Boss Information:
Location Map: Atlans
Spawn Time: Every 2 hours
Spawn Places: (239,12) / (128,68) / (223,191)
Max Life: 1,250,000
Defense: 1800
Damage: 3752 ~ 4,242

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Shadow Of Hell
"This tower has become lost since the earth erupted, the flame began to flow wherever possible and the whole place was destroyed
when the shadows took over there. This shadow came from hell and is not particularly likable by our heroes.
You have to defeat him before he starts destroying whatever is left."

Shadow Of Hell.png
Boss Infromation:
Location Map: Lost Tower
Spawn Time: Every 4 hours
Spawn Places: (23,208) / (12,26) / (196,209) / (165,21)
Max Life: 2,650,000
Defense: 2000
Damage: 5,024 ~ 5,459

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Anubis Of Tarkan
"When the sandstorm began in Egypt, the Egyptians believed that the gods would save them, they began to pray to the god Anubis.
And when he rose to life the chaos took over him too and now he is trying to destroy his believers
Please save them because there is no one to do it for them except you!"
Please be careful because his power is equal to the power of the Egyptian gods

Anubis Of Tarkan.png
Boss Information:
Location Map: Tarkan
Spawn Time: Every 4 hours
Spawn Places: (9,242) / (95,43) / (34,134)
Max Life: 4,300,000
Defense: 2500
Damage: 6422 ~ 6911
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Dragon of Icrarus
"Even the prayers of the worshipers will no longer help to save the MU-world when the sky is blocked by the monsters
The prayers fail to make their way up on the stairs to God .. we know that god exsict but he can't hear us
because there is one dragon that interferes with wishes to exist and is much more powerful than all of these monsters that are in the sky.
So we can't ask God's to help us to save the world please help us so he will hear our paryers."

Dragon Of ICarus.png
Boss information:
Location Map: Icarus
Spawn Time: Every 4 hours
Spawn Places: (48,229) / (24,227)
Max Life: 9,600,000
Defense: 3500
Damage: 10,577 ~ 11,914

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
Aida Tree
"Aida Forest used to be a wonderful place to walk where this forest was full of trees flowers and animals.
Today this forest casts fear and terror on its visitors, all the trees seem to be revived and become monsters and there are no more animals ..
The biggest fear is that once you enter the forest there is no way to out.
This tree, is the tree of wisdom and from it all the dark forces come."

Aida Tree.png
Boss Information:
Location Map: Aida
Spawn Time: Every 4 hours
Spawn Places: (234,32) / (194,151) / (200,100)
Max Life: 14,600,000
Defense: 4200
Damage: 13,556 ~ 21,932
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Kundun - Kalima 7
"This cruel wizard is actually the one who started the chaos, when he was angry at the order in which the world is run,
he gathered strong forces and absorbed them into it.
This wizard has been a threat to the MU-World for 1000 years!
Defeat him, before he starts making trouble once again in the simple world orders."

Boss Information:
Location Map: Kalima 7
Spawn Time: Every 4 hours
Spawn Places: (66,76) / (30,62) / (92,93)
Max Life: 25,000,000
Defense: 4000
Damage: 9,500 ~ 13,500
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Bresker Wolf
"The wolves in the magic forests of Kanturu became hungry for human flesh, only one wolf managed to get organized for the battle really properly.
 You have to defeat him otherwise he will crush you with the hammer."

Boss Information:
Location Map: Kanturu
Spawn Time: Every 5 Hours
Spawn Places: (134,126) / (173,106) / (233,133)
Max Life: 40,000,000
Defense: 6000
Damage: 24,542 ~ 35,766
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
Demon Sapi Queen
"Without a doubt, this queen has become a demon!"
 "She has immense power and various skills that will help her in battle,
her power wildly controls the whole jungle and only with your help we can eliminate her from there."

Boss Information
Location Map: Wild Jungle
Spawn Time: Every 4 hours
Spawn Places: (39,120) / (130,229) / (227,78) / (174,218)
Max Life: 78,000,000
Defense: 5500
Damage: 28842 ~ 39684

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
Darkness Knight
"Because of the chaos that happened in the world, the knights of the kingdom also went crazy and they started murdering the citizens.
Our heroes are the last hope for survival, the knight who was the king's general moved to the dark side"

Boss Information:
Location Map: Knight Kingdom
Spawn Time: Every 6 hours
Spawn Places: (186,59) / (91,72) / (39,184)
Max Life: 120,000,000
Defense: 8000
Damage: 42,000 ~ 54,000
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
Arkania Dragon
"Even on the secluded island where the citizens live in a popular way, all the fishermen fled from there and some abandoned ships remained ..
One of the dragons flying in the sky came from Icarus and landed right inside this island so that no one could exist there.
Help us bring the citizens home by conquering the island once again!"

Arkania Dragon.png
Boss Information:
Location Map: Arkania
Spawn Time: Every 6 hours
Spawn Places: (29,24) / (116,12) / (153,60)
Max Life: 220,000,000
Defense: 9200
Damage: 55,000 ~ 68,000
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Darkness Pegasus
"Out of the shadows he came, he is hiding somewhere in the dark forest .."
 "he holds a magical stone in which all the darkness lies and we have to defeat him in order to release the forces of darkness from the world"

Boss Information:
Location Map: Darkness Forest
Spawn Time: Every 6 hours
Spawn Places: (158,27) / (236,232) / (96,110)
Max Life: 250,000,000
Defense: 8000
Damage: 60,000 ~ 72,000

MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !

Infernal Guardian
"The Infernal Guardian, guards the hell so that our heroes will not even be able to step there to pass in order to kill the dragon that is hiding there."
Boss Information:
Location Map: Inferno Hell
Spawn Time: Every 6 hours
Spawn Places: (109,230) / (92,93) / (129,110)
Max Life: 350,000,000
Defense: 10,000
Damage: 69,000 ~ 82,000
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
Diamond Pegasus
"Out of the crystals came a diamond-shaped pegasus that aims to prevent you from discovering the hidden powers
that can be accumulated through jewelry."

Location Map: Diamond Cave
Spawn Time: Every 3 hours
Spawn Places: (193,173) / (58,135) / (191,221)
Max Life: 400,000,000
Defense: 12,000
Damage: 76,000 ~ 87,000
MuDefeat - עומד להשתחרר בקרוב |עכשיו זה רשמי !
This is the Official Guide about all the Bosses that MuDefeat Contains,
Heroes you quest is to find them and finish them-off!

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