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Akris Hunting Season(Part 3)!

Akris Dragons Hunting Season (Part 3)
So after Jernit has given you the Akris soul stone for stardust, you can show the King's Adviser
that you are strong enough to face the immense power of the dragons.
When you talk to the king's adviser he will take you to where the Akris come to MUWorld,
They come from void using a special launcher built by the man in the shadows.
And now, you must defeat this special launcher and stop the Akris from reaching the world ..
but before you reach the magic door You must defeat the Legendary Elder Dragon that guards
the launcher and the Dragon came from the void as well.
After you will defeat that dragon the Crew of The King will be able to destory this Altars!
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Arcadia !רשת הגיימינג המובילה

בסניפי ארקדיה תוכלו למצוא מגוון ענק של משחקים, אביזרים, קונוסולות משחק
ועוד המון מוצרים שכל גיימר ותיק או מתחיל ישמח לקבל.
!!מגוון ענק של משחקים חדשים ומשחקי יד שנייה
!ספריות החלפה למשחקי Ps4/Xbox one/Switch/Ps3
!מבחר גדול של פסלים ומוצרי אספנות נדירים !קונסולות בייבוא רשמי עם אחריות רשמית
מאות אביזרי גיימינג לכלל הקונסולות והמחשב. !!וכמובן שירות אישי ומקצועי בכל מה שקשור לגיימינג, משלוחים לכל חלקי הארץ

!!ותזכו לקבל 5% הנחה על כל המוצרים באתר MUDEFEAT :תכניסו את הקוד

NEW EVENT Princess Of Atlans

"After the war, the love necklace was taken from the Princess of Atlantis by one of the soldiers of the Kundun, the necklace was meant to spread the love among the residents and when it was taken out they dismantled it into pieces. The princess now has to collect the pearls again to make a new necklace and you have to help her because there are sharks around every pearl and she can't do it alone she's unbale to get close there."
Heroes, your quest is to help the Princess of Atlans to Create the Pendant of Love!
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Event| Akris Dragons Hunting Season (Part 2)

"Heroes After you have defeated a large number of dragons sent from the void, you will now meet Jerint. Jerint is the general's personal assistant and is known as the one responsible for the magic powers and the most powerful spells ever seen in the kingdom, For example Nova is one of the spells he invented, Now Jerint needs your help and asks you to bring him stardust for a few years he was looking for it and he had no way to get into space to get the stardust Now that these Akris dragons have been resurrected from the void so now you can help to him!" "We have no idea why Jerint needs stardust he did not say anything to the general about it but we'll help him - the next will be continue"
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JAILBREAK ARENA Coming soon to MUDefeat!

Preview to next MUDefeat Update : JailBreak Arena!
We would like to show you this preview for the next update of MUDefeat.
In the next update we will add new event that's called : JailBreak Arena.
Jailbreak Arena Event:
When this event starts at all the spots,will be spawned a monster is stronger x500 times more powerful than it usually is
After you will defeat this monster a Boss of the same area will be spawned.
Heroes, We would like to challenge you in this Arena the Bosses will has more X5 HP X3 Damage and X3.5 Defense than usually they are!
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MUDefeat - Terms of Use

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Terms Of Use - MUDefeat.com
this rules of the game are written to keep them up and play by the rules.
MUDefeat will never support players who violate the rules of the game,

1. Any player who will use Chat\Hack\Bot programming - Will be permanently banned from the server.

2. We are not allowed to perform scams of any player in the game - Please read this topic to: Avoid to scams

3. We are not allowed to use or play with hacked accounts

4. We will not tolerate hate speech towards users in our community.

5. We will not tolerate racism, be human first and show compassion towards each other.

6.  Impersonating a game manager or part of one of the server team members will result in immediate blocking of the game.

7. Do not change files in the client We do not allow to anyone to make changes in the game files.
If you have anybug or something you have to contact to BUG Reports forum, do not try to "fix it" by your self.

8. We allowed to perform on an RMT in our server, it is forbidden to scam players in this case.
We won't be able to bring you back the items \ character and we don't have responsebility in this case.

9. Cancellation of purchases or refunds of credits you have been purchased will entitle you to a permanently ban from the server.

10. MUDefeat supplies the product that was purchased immediately and does not guarantee a refund, even if it has decided to close its servers one day.

11. MUDefeat does not provide refunds on the products purchased in-store within the game.
After you decided to purchased a product we have no respossebility on what you did or going to do with your items in the game.

12. We will never support a players who dosent respect the server team, the server team works full volunteer for the players on the server and you must to respect them as they are respecting you.

13. In case you encounter a bug in the game and you didnt and you didn't report on it, you will get banned for ever.

14. If you interrupt the game managers during the events they perform in the game, you will be banned for a week.

15. When using the game you are aware that the server team / server programmer and owner can make changes to the game at their discretion we can do what ever we want with this private server and change it however we like to.

16. We do not allow players to call themselves by nicknames that contain inappropriate language or constitute an injury to one of the users of the community or to a person

17. If you have complaints that we can not solve this is not our problem and we disclaim any responsibility or problem that will cause you or your computer due to using the game.

18. MUDefeat - is a gaming server community that also owns a social forum network so we do not take responsibility for the content that users write or post. Therefore, if the content published in our community infringes copyright or harms any user, we have nothing to do about it. What we can do is delete the published content.
If you come across an ad that is infringing or some type of copyright infringement you can always use the button - Report to be dealt with.

19. When you connect to the game server, we can get all the data on your personal computer including the Hardware ID and the IP address you use to connect to the game

20. MUDefeat operates in full awareness that the original game MuOnline was developed by the game company Webzen and all copyrights regarding the formation of the game are reserved to it, MUDefeat operates on a code published on the Internet and developed by programmers and created its own version.

21. MUDefeat is a licensed buissness in the State of Israel and any violation of the rules of the game can result in a lawsuit.

22. MUDefeat has full copyright to the game and community and all files not owned by it are licensed

23. We can change the rules \ add more rules to the terms - in anytime, at any given time.

© MUDefeat INC, 2020 

Anyone who uses our forums community, the site, the discord server and the game server,

any player who plays in MUDefeat endorses these rules and read the rules.

If you violate one of the rules of the game, the server team will determine the penalty at its discretion.

Ignorance of the law does not solve punishment.

If you are blocked from the game, you can always appeal it in the appeals forum,

and the server team will decide whether it is in his opinion appropriate if to remove the ban for you.

Have fun for everyone,

Please keep the server rules.

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